To add the Arch Pipes Catalog into Civil 3D, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Determine your Pipe Network Catalog Path. To do this, use the command "_AeccSetNetworkCatalog". When the dialog launches, you can see the path, select and highlight and open the path in an instance of Windows Explorer.
  2. Unzip the downloaded Arch Pipes catalog. Copy the Arch folder into the corresponding pipes folder - in this case it should go into US Imperial Pipes.
  3. Verify that you have full read and write capabilities for the entire Pipes Catalog.
  4. In Civil 3D at the command prompt, run the command "PARTCATALOGREGEN" and select "PIPE" to regen the Pipe section of the catalog. Upon completion, you should see that it successfully regenerated and can view the Validation Regen Summary if desired.
  5. To load the Arch Pipes into any drawing file, you now need to add the Parts to your current drawing or templates Parts List. To do that, go to Toolspace -> Settings -> Pipe Network -> Parts List and edit a Parts List. On the Pipes Tab, select the heading category and right click and choose Add Part Family
  6. Select the Arch pipe types to add like shown
  7. Now you can use these pipes in your current file like any other pipe. If there are any issues, remember to check the Validation file from Step 4 or reach out to